Jemez Junction

This page is dedicated to my now-defunct Ntrak module known as Jemez Junction. It was the first operating module in the New Mexico Rail RunNers club based in Albuquerque New Mexico.

The retirement of the module and my semi-retirement from modeling the AT&SF is in a way, a tribute to the now departed Atcheson, Topeka & Santa Fe.

...All the Way!


Overall view of the center of the module.

At its inception, the club adopted the Alternate Branch Line as it's standard for Blue Line placement.

The Jemez (pronounced HAY-mehz) Junction station is a slightly modified Life-Like plastic kit which has been out of production for several years. It's almost a dead ringer for a small Santa Fe wooden station.

The church is a Bachmann pre-built which was given a coat of automotive spot putty and painted to simulate stucco. The roof is made from Campbell corrugated tin.

In the two-photo sequence which follows, a Westbound led by a C40-8W (kitbashed three years before Bachmann did the R-T-R model), and an SDFP45, both with Kato mechanisms, passes an Eastbound led by a pair of SD40s.




ATSF 844, a C40-8W leads an eastbound past the depot and the old adobe church.

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